Guelder-rose ordinary

Guelder-rose an ordinary

 Guelder-rose ordinary - a branchy bush from family жимолостных, height to 4 m. Leaves opposite, трехпятилопастные, slightly wrinkled, крупнозубчатые. Цветки white пятилепестные, collected in щитковидные semiumbrellas. A fruit - an oval bright red, bitterish berry with one flat smooth stone. Нектаронос. It is extended across all Ukraine. Grows in кустарниковых thickets, on ravines, damp places, in поймах the rivers, it is frequent in oak woods on dry places. It is cultivated as decorative and озеленительное a plant. Blossoms in the end of May - June, fruits ripen in August - September. The bark made in the early spring, during time сокодвижения is used. A smell of ready raw materials weak, taste knitting. Action and application. Containing in a bark вибурнин strengthens a tone of a uterus and possesses some vasoconstrictive action, soothing, antiseptic and haemostatic properties. Guelder-rose fruits strengthen reductions of heart and increase диурез. In the form of spirit an extract and broth the bark of a guelder-rose is applied to a stop маточных bleedings, especially during the climacteric period, at pregnancy and infringements менструального a cycle. Broth - наружно at nasal bleedings. In France infusion from berries and fresh berries are applied at stomach diseases. In Bulgaria the guelder-rose bark is used in the form of broth and an extract in gynecologic practice as кровоостанавливающее and an antiseptic at меноррагиях, at menacing abortion and beginning fights at it. Broth prepare so: 3 - 4 г small cut bark fill in 200 ml of boiling water, in 15 minutes filter and drink during the day drinks (a day dose). In the Bulgarian national medicine broth from цветков guelder-roses is applied at pains and spasms in the field of a gastroenteric path, at diarrheas, pains in the field of a uterus and as диуретическое means. In domestic national medicine, except a guelder-rose bark, the fruits collected after the first frosts when they get sweetish taste, and also цветки, juice and guelder-rose seeds are used. Fruits are applied as sudorific, laxative and emetic means, and also at a stomach ulcer. Berries, варенные with honey, - at cold, cough, a hoarseness, an asthma, at diarrheas, illnesses of a liver, a jaundice. A bark - at a hysteria, painful менструациях, for the prevention of an abortion and as противолихорадочное means instead of cinchona. Young branches of a guelder-rose - at золотухе. Infusion цветков - at золотухе and skin rashes. Juice - наружно at лишаях. From seeds prepare the coffee possessing toning up action on intestines, it is recommended at locks. Guelder-rose fruits are used in confectionery manufacture for preparation of fruit candy, a fruit candy, a stuffing for sweets, for kissel preparation “калинник”, jams and stuffings for pies. «í½¿ßÔóÑ¡¡ÙÑ blossoming tops of a guelder-rose and a bark are used as soothing, кровоостанавливающее (especially at a menacing abortion), antiseptic and отхаркивающее means.